Hui O Mana Ka Pu’uwai

Hui O Mana Ka Pu’uwai – Outrigger Canoe Paddling. This is a photo of some members of a Kauai  canoe club practicing their art on the Wailua River near Kapaa, Kauai.  I happened to stop by to say hello to the the river at just the right time to capture this image.  Mt. Waialelale receives the setting sun in the background.

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Mt. Waialeale

Mt. Waialeale is Kauai’s Sacred Mountain.  It rises 5,066 ft and dominates much of Kauai’s landscape.   There are so many visitors  who travel up the twisty road to the very top of the Waialele it sometimes feels never ending. But in spite of all that busy-ness, Mt. Waialeale never feels tired or worn down, always radiating a sense of strength and profundity.

Here are a few images from my times on Kauai.

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moon and mountain


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