The Ghost In The Forest

Three and half miles above a  small subdivision in the southern half of Washoe Valley is a ghost.  At least according to the sign in front of it. To me it looks a lot like a misplaced submarine from the Civil War.  You make of it what you will. Regardless, I enjoyed the hike immensely and checking out the “ghost” was just an encouraging  goal  to keep  improving my post surgery hiking distances. The ghost lives in the pine forest of the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Keep walking along the trail and in five more miles you will come to Marlette Lake, just above Lake Tahoe.


            sawmill sign


sawmill signage



saw mill remains


sawmill 3

Front torpedo tubes?


Washoe Lake

On the way up and down there is a great view of Washoe Lake. Not as full as in years past but indeed making  a comeback from the drought.


Slide and Mt

Slide Mountain with Mt. Rose behind it. Reno and Washoe Valley to the right, Lake Tahoe to the left.



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