Charity Valley Creek Trail

If things had gone as intended, the above title would have read ” Blue Lakes/Pacific Crest Trail”.  But alas, Blue Lakes road was closed several miles prior to that trailhead for unannounced road work. Fortunately I stumbled across Charity Valley Creek Trail after turning around.   The trail is unmarked and I hadn’t really come across it before in my past wanderings in the area.

Along California Hi-way 88 before  Kit Carson Pass, you pass through the beautiful Hope Valley.  Off of 88 is  Blue Lakes Road, just a few miles past Hope Valley. There  you will find Faith Valley and Charity Valley.  And had I know I would was going to post a blog I indeed would have take photos of all three. Sorry, no did.

To top it off, I left my good camera in the car and used the camera on my Garmin GPS. It takes decent photos but the viewfinder is a challenge.

Nonetheless, here are a few photos from just a three mile round trip up Charity Valley Trail and back. It is a ten mile roundtrip up to Burnside Lake and back but that is for another day.

Charity Creek Trail 3

Looking into the Mokelumne Wilderness


Charity Creek Trail 4

The Wildflowers are beginning their spring show. Still a bit early for the drama.


Charity Creek Trail 2

The trail begins on a more exposed note and progresses towards Charity Valley Creek and into the forest.


Charity Valley Creek

Charity Valley Creek


Charity Creek Trail 5

A tiny view of Charity Valley.


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.12.38 PM

Just for fun and for the map geeks out there- an image for Garmin’s Base Camp computer program where you can plot and plan your hikes if so inclined. The middle flag is  the distance I hiked before turning around. Sorry, I mislabeled the trailhead. It should read Charity Valley Creek  Trailhead.


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.13.42 PM

The elevation rise and fall of the above trail.


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