Simple, but……


Slide Mountain

Slide Mountain


Not an overwhelming image, I admit. Just a simple phone camera photo.

But this is  a pretty special picture for me. Why? Because I was able to actually hike the 1.75 miles up the Ophir Creek Trail to take the photo myself.  A huge deal considering that a little over eight months ago, I was flat on my back, happily stoned on morphine after  intrusive neurosurgery in my lower spine.  Whew. It has been a slow and steady period of recuperation, physical therapy, and the most incredible support from friends,  clients, loved ones, doctors and healers and family. The surgery has proved successful so far.  Got a long way to go to get back to 100 per cent, but boy I feel Blessed to be  walking and now able to safely hike in the Sierra again. Even if it just a mile or two.  My most heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have  made this possible. Thank you.


bac hospital 2

Eight months ago.


6 thoughts on “Simple, but……

  1. It is truly amazing that you have come so far in a relatively short time considering where you were 8 months ago! Good for you!! Please note the email I am using while I am being a vagabond for the next several months. Love the photos.

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