A Reminder Etched in Granite

As I recoup from recent surgery, the  nerves that communicate between my brain and legs and various below the belt activities  are waking up and remembering how to play well with one another. They are off to a good start and hopefully continue.  I am slowly working on walking further each day and learning the body’s limits as the healing progresses.  Although  the jury is still out I am ever the optimist that backpacking will once again be part of my life.  Not this year perhaps but I am looking forward to once again going walkabout in the Sierra Nevada.   In the meantime one of my all time favorite mountain photos shines on as my screensaver, a reminder of how glorious nature can be and an encouragement to be persistent and patient.  You can click on the photo to enlarge.


Buckey Ridge, Hoover Wilderness.  Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Photo by Bruce Czopek



5 thoughts on “A Reminder Etched in Granite

  1. Of course you will hike and back pack and explore again!
    Georgie O’Keeffe, the American painter, had moved to New Mexico and fallen in love
    with one of the mountains. She said that God told her if she painted it
    enought and lo ved it enough it would be hers. True too of your footprints
    on the Sierra Nevadas. The best of good everything to you, keep picturing your
    steps on its surfaces, its trails, its beloved granite.

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