Nap Time At Jumbo Creek

This year, Jumbo Creek is a creek in name only in its lower areas.  Some runoff is happening further up Jumbo Grade. But down below, even though it is early spring there is  no water running, nothing burbling above ground.   Still,  the cottonwoods and foliage along the creek bed dig deep and nourish themselves with what moisture there is below

In the brown sea of high desert the cottonwoods are an oasis of color and vibrancy.   On this mornings walk, an adult Great Horned Owl and a youngster were spotted in the cottonwoods along Jumbo Creek.  It was around 8:00 am and they were settling in for a rest after a hard days night of  hunting.  Hiding in plain sight.



Great Horned Owls, Jumbo Creek. Washoe Valley, Nv. photo by Bruce Czopek


Great Horned Owl. Washoe Valley, Nv. Photo by Bruce Czopek


Great Horned Owl. Jumbo Creek, Washoe Valley, Nv..  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Young Great Horned Owl. Jumbo Creek. Washoe Valley,  Photo by Bruce Czopek***

Here’s looking at ya.


4 thoughts on “Nap Time At Jumbo Creek

  1. What a stunning discovery on your morning walk! Likely a once in a lifetime experience. Owls are about my favorite bird, though I admire all of them. I’m in a bird-rich area, but I’ve never seen an owl up close. I had no idea they’d risk sleeping out in the open like that, they probably don’t have many, if any, predators that fly. Amazing to see your photographs of them. Bravo!

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