A Few Snapshots From Kauai

My good friend Aaron, who lives on Kauai often sends me snapshots of daily doings or places gone, both for pleasure and errands. Here’s a few from yesterday….

***cargo ship Kauai. photo by Aaron Nakagawa

***Kauai snapshot.  Photo by Aaron Nakagawa


Kauai. Photo by Aaron Nakagawa


Kauai snapshots 4.  PHoto by Aaron Nakgawa


They are the same everywhere!

They are the same everywhere!



2 thoughts on “A Few Snapshots From Kauai

  1. What heavenly sights. The first bird is so stunning, they all are, and the carved stone
    statue w/chair — wonderful colors. Like the land, an island with water at every turn,
    must be amazing to live in, which if I recall from your pages, you have, or lived and worked
    in some part of lovely Hawaii.
    Big box store was funny, what a let down, not a lei or grass skirt in sight. Sigh. Lots of places to
    go and smell the hibiscus, however.

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