A Little Interior Progress

No, not  any philosophical epiphanies to share. Sorry.  Just a few interior pics of the Airstream.

A blustery day in Washoe Valley but a good one to move into a now comfortable but not yet finished ’66 Overlander. The bathroom isn’t done, the front couch needs help, cabinet doors are in the process of being refinished, etc. But as a satellite bedroom to the main house it is sweet space. In the world of interior finishing one develops “ant mentality”. Just  keep plodding along and focus on what you have to do in front of you as best you can.

The trailer just received a top to  bottom scrubbing of the vinyl ceiling and walls.  A brand new heater keeps things cozy. The wood floor is in although not a small baseboard. The cabinet frames are done, peeling veneer repaired on the bottoms of wood panels  and the overall cabinet color changed from a grey-blonde ash to something  warmer . It is now approaching a light cherry color.  Tis a challenge rescuing, coloring and  blending in wood that has been sun bleached, damaged and  water stained,  to areas that are in decent original shape.  But hey, a guy has to have a project. Hopefully in a month  I’ll have all the doors done. Ant mentality. Fitting in trailer work on top of regular job finishing work has made progress slow, but it is winter and the perfect time to chip away on a satisfying inside project. So far so good.


Interior progress 1966 Overlander. photo by bruce czopek


1966 Airstream Overlander interior. Photo by Bruce Czopek


Progress on refurbishing the 1966 Overlander. Photo by Bruce Czopek

Just love the icy aqua color of the tub and sink. They are in perfect shape and the way the sink and tiny tub combine is very cool. Unfortunately one of the past owners butchered the toilet area which was also connected to the tub and sink in the same fiber glass material.  But I’ve got a good start on reworking it and have some good ideas on how I want it to look when done. Can’t wait to get the cabinet doors finished and installed.


The front couch converts to a full size bed. As you can see it needs refinishing and upholstering. The frames is solid ash though and will turn out as nice as the others.

The front couch converts to a full size bed. As you can see it needs refinishing and upholstering. The frames is solid ash though,  and will turn out as nice as the others.



7 thoughts on “A Little Interior Progress

  1. This, in and of itself, is charming. But even sweeter is the restorer’s affection
    for the bold project, your sensible pride, and the doing of it you will never forget.
    Many years ago I lived in an Airstream up on cinderblocks beside the Go-Kart track in
    Coney Island, Brooklyn for one insane summer. The trailer had not been tenderly loved its whole
    long life but the interior was all heart: yellow knotty pine cabinets with a high
    varnish, floor of red and white linoleum squares, chunky wood bunk beds with an
    eye-popping bright green astroturf rug below, little cantalievered formica kitchen table.
    Red and white checked cotton curtains. Sigh.
    I’ll never forget it, either. Bravo for the prettiness you’re making.

    • Thank you for Barbara. Kind words. In my day to day job I have the task of making my clients environments pleasing and beautiful. It’s kinda nice to be able to do that as gift to myself.

      I love the portrait you painted of your Airstream home by the Go-Karts. Especially the astroturf!

    • Mille grazie, Vera. 1966 was one of the last years for veneer wood in the Airstreams before going to lighter weight plastics. It feels as much like a ship as a travel trailer. Quite soothing to spend time in there.

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