Call Me Crazy

Meet BobToo.


The latest addition to the Don Quixote Line of housing accomadations.

The latest addition to the Don Quixote Line of housing accomadations.


BobToo (Bob for short) is a 26 foot 1966 Airstream Overlander.  He has been waiting in a Colorado field for quite a while for someone foolish enough to pay the overinflated prices vintage Airstreams command nowadays. Fortunately for Bob, I exist,  therefore he has a new home in Washoe Valley, Nv.

The reason for the “Too” part of the name is ten years ago I had a 1967  Overlander. Bought it from the original owner in Michigan and it was in topnotch shape.  Just tremendous.  When BobOne arrived I had a welcoming party and gave a door prize to whoever came up with the best name.  Bob was the best name.  It sounded right.  And henceforth all Airstreams  in my vintage trailer universe have been known as Bob.

 BobOne ten years ago cost the same as BobToo now.  Such is the commodities market.  BobOne was sold to finance part of my 8 year retreat in Hawaii.
Bob's first Nevada bath.
Bob’s first Nevada bath.


BobToo is definitely not turn key. It needs TLC.  But the shell is in overall great shape and the interior could be worse.  The cabinets have water damage and the bathroom suffered a real hack job when someone decide to put in a new toilet, but things are pretty darn original and all there.  There is much elbow grease ahead,  plenty of  internet hunting for various parts or replacements, and  favors to call in on my construction buddies for plumbing, electrical and woodwork.   Don Quixote must have his windmills.

The way I look at it, at least I now own a wheeled home that I can’t get kicked out of  ( if the economy crashes ) and it appreciates every year.  No money will be lost on improvements should I decide to sell further down the line which is not in the game plan.  In fact I am considering starting a small Bob empire and renting out vintage Airstreams to happy campers who come to the Sierra Nevada for rest and relaxation and don’t want to spend an gynormous amount of cash on a condo at the Lake.  Just let me know what campsite or special event you want your Bob at, what gourmet or junk food you want it stocked with, when you are arriving, and oila!  Vacations by Bob.

I for one, still prefer backpacking and in fact don’t even own a truck. I am however  a  sucker for great design and the design of the 1966 and 67  Tradewind and Overlander is one of the best anywhere.   Not having that truck yet, Bob was towed down from Denver  by a transit company coming to Lake Tahoe to pickup a restored 1941 Wooden boat for transport to somewhere rich.  They pretty much just charged me  gas money.  Unfortunately the refrigerator access panel door you see missing  in the second photo blew  out somewhere between here and Denver.  Anybody coming that way, please keep an eye out for it, I’d really appreciate it. They’re kinda hard to find.



Just needs a few rivets here and there (among other things).

Just needs a few rivets here and there (among other things).

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  It all feels rather overwhelming now, but one step at a time.  Empires are not built in a day.


8 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy

  1. Bob Too is utterly fantastic. Wowsa what a ride. They’re absolutely my favorites, I actually lived in one ages ago in Coney Island, parked right on the GoKart Track, and that was some life and a half.
    Best of luck in every moment, what a gem.

  2. Your story makes me smile 🙂 I do not envy you the work ahead, though I do understand the appeal. I, however, will stick to tents, hotels, and planes. Best of luck!

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