Greta and Trixie Kill Lady Bongo

I am generally an upbeat person who doesn’t  like bringing people  heavy news. However I must tell you readers a sad tale and strongly encourage pet owners everywhere to be careful what you let your four legged friends watch on the computer.

Greta and Trixie are  two new kitten companions here in Washoe Valley. Being from the same litter they are inseparable. One day they were allowed to watch a live bear cam from somewhere wild with bear standing in a river waiting to munch down on valiant but tired salmon fighting their way up stream.  Greta and Trixie badly wanted in on the fish fest but since it was virtual they were out of luck.


Wild bear setting bad examples for domestic kitties.

Wild bear setting bad examples for domestic kittens.


This had an overwhelmingly negative  effect on their  young feline psyches. Once upon a time, they were calm and cuddly, happy to bat a tinfoil ball around the living room and ambush one another every three seconds.  Now they were looking for something to be wild with.  A slight crazed looked had entered their eyes.


Trixie (left) and Greta (right) contemplate just how much the photographer looks like a salmon.

Trixie (left) and Greta (right) contemplate just how much the photographer looks like a salmon.


Things got ugly. A plan was hatched and when the time was right, explosively erupted from the big cat DNA in their tiny bodies…….

Lady Bongo was good toy, happy to be of service in making kitties everywhere happy. No one had a bad thing to say about her. Not even about her pink wardrobe.

But she was in the wrong place at the wrong time in Washoe Valley that afternoon in July.  Lured by our two furry assailants into the living room, she thought the toys strewn all around were signs of fun times to come. It was not to be.

Suddenly, from nowhere a paper towel tube was kicked up by spring loaded paws and hindquarters. Guided by shear athletic intuition, the tube found it mark. Lady Bongo lay there- quiet, lifeless. Cruelly impaled by the cardboard tube toy, she would play no more forever.


The crime scene.

The crime scene.


Greta  and Trixie have shown no remorse. They are however, decidedly less crazed.

2012-09-27 001

No regrets here. Mothers, keep you toys safe. Practice conscious computer watching with your pets.


P.S.  The crime scene was photographed just as it was found. No kidding. The facts are a bit suspect though. Call it historical fiction.


10 thoughts on “Greta and Trixie Kill Lady Bongo

  1. You just never know what a cat is thinking. Double that for the kits.
    I wonder what their prospective was on the salmon fishing bear, he’s sort of their size
    on the screen.
    Beautiful creatures. Like this page, write down what they do and you will have
    half a dozen best selling children’s books in no time. I used to make up stories
    about my kittens. They will pretend to be terrified of something benign just so
    they can leap straight up and race off to safety. So bright.
    This was a great treat. RIP Lady Bongo.

    • Great idea about the childrens books.Thanks. Barbara. I had forgotten how completely wacky kittens can be. So much energy and hilarity bundled up in ounces of fur and willpower.

      • …and Fur and Willpower would be a great title, and provide much for generations growing up never having heard of willpower or how to apply it.

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