And The Clouds Put On A Show For Free

Hiked up from Obsidian Campground off of California Highway 395/Highway108  yesterday. Molybdenite Creek is enjoying the fullness of early spring runoff  and there is still plenty of snow to come off  the surrounding ridges and mountains. The aspen have not yet awoke at this higher elevation but that will happen soon enough.  And the clouds!  They put on a great show, wonderfully  dramatic and active prior to their final performance of rain and hail. I made it back to the car by about a minute. Sometimes the magic works.


photo by Bruce Czopek


IMG_7881 photo by bruce czopek


IMG_7874 photo by bruce czopek


IMG_7917 photo by bruce czopek



3 thoughts on “And The Clouds Put On A Show For Free

    • The trailhead starts at Obsidian Campground at 7840′ and goes a little over 7 miles.
      It is a long meadow and starts at 8400′ topping out at around 9200′. The end of the trail a couple of miles further is 9720. It doesn’t loop anywhere, but people do go cross country over to Burt Canyon and Willow Flats. The photos were taken along the trail from 8400′ up to 9000′.

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