Pyramid Lake

Ahh, spring fever…… Having performed work related tasks all weekend, today it was Pyramid Lake.   A stark, hauntingly  beautiful place, the heart of the Paiute Indian Reservation, Pyramid Lake is 40 miles north east of Reno, Nv.  The lake is the largest remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan that covered much of northwestern Nevada at the end of the last ice age.  ( Did you know that technically we are still in the Pleistocene Ice Age?  That’s kinda cool…. ooh-sorry)  Pyramid Lake was the deepest point in ancient Lake Lahontan, reaching an estimated 890 feet (270 m) due to its low level relative to the surrounding basins. It is not as deep now, it’s current maximum depth is 356 ft. The air is pristine. And it is a destination spot for avid fishermen.

I indulged in taking  a bunch of photos, much like a hungry bachelor being treated to an outstanding  home cooked meal.  So rather than beating  you guys up with visual over lode, I’ll split todays outing into two segments. Please kick on any photo to enlarge. And if you double click on the sign photo there are a lot of good factoids to partake in.


Pyramid Lake Signage. Photo by Bruce Czopek


Pyramid Lake.  Photo by Bruce Czopeki


The Stone Mother. Pyramid Lake. photo by Bruce Czopek


Big Lake, Big Sky.  Pyramid Lake.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Cabana. Pyramid Lake style. Photo by Bruce Czopek

Across the Lake.  photo by Bruce Czopek****

Pyramid Lake Coastline.  Photo by Bruce Czopek****

Fisherman. Pyramid Lake. Photo by Bruce Czopek


The Stone Mother. Photo by Bruce Czopek



4 thoughts on “Pyramid Lake

  1. Wow. What a place. Apparently, fisherman are now catching giant versions of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout the tribe and the Feds have been reintroducing from genetically similar stock found in an isolated stream in Utah, after the giant native fish were fished right out of the lake by greedy white people. – Susan J.

    On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 7:52 PM, Bruce Czopek

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