Grey Scale

This week I enjoyed re-tuning some of my favorite backpacking photos into black and white or better put, the grey scale.  Lifetimes ago in college I took  photography  courses and spent a good amount of time in the darkroom with all the traditional chemicals, the dodging and burning with your little cut out tools, etc.  As we all know the computer changed all that. Finally, I am starting to educate myself more in this aspect and look forward to experimenting.

I definitley like the iconic gravitas that  black and white  gives to wilderness photography. Here’s a start. Please click to enlarge.


Buckeye Range.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Bridgeport, Ca.  Photo by Bruce Czopek****

Burt Canyon, Flatiron Butte.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Anna Lake.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Flatiron Butte.  Photo by Bruce Czopek



12 thoughts on “Grey Scale

    • Thanks, Kathy. It was interesting to go through photos and see which ones lent themselves to the B&W and which ones were better in color.
      Looking forward to posting a few more before I take the chance of getting boring.

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