Sorry, no photos of the ultimate bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, heroically lit and tweaked to Andy Warholian perfection in HDR.

BLT is Barney Lake Trail.  A place I’ve often gone but never in the middle of winter.  So I robbed the piggy bank for gas money, threw snowshoes, poles, fanny pack, camera, etc. into the car and headed down to Bridgeport which was awash in a sea of white and enjoying 45 degree weather.

No incredibly deep amounts of snow but the landscape was wonderfully, hypnotically monochromatic.  It was more fun and less blinding to translate the images to black and white and leave the color behind for another day.  Click to enlarge.


IFrom Barney Lake Trail.  photo by Bruce Czopek


Avalanche Country.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Composition Trumps Technique.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Along the BLT.  PHoto by Bruce Czopek


Ansel's Aspens. Photo by Bruce Czopek


Just Add Presidents. Photo by Bruce Czopek



2 thoughts on “BLT

  1. Shades of Ansel Adams! Want to see the PBS documentary about his work? I won’t send it back if you would like to watch it.


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