The Old Soft Shoe

“I met a man Bo Jangles

And he’d dance for you,

the old soft shoe.”

What?  Soft shoe?  Not snow  shoe?  Oops, my mistake.  Sorry…. anyhow, I took advantage of a biz trip to Lake Tahoe today to do the old snow shoe for a couple of hours up by the Mt. Rose Summit.

Quiet, pristine, wonderful temp and great air.  Life begins above 8,000 ft.  I love the intimacy of snowshoeing in the back country.  It gives one the opportunity to see things  most likely missed if you just swoosh by on skis.

The Snow Hole. Photo by Bruce Czopek


On Mt. Rose. Photo by Bruce Czopek


IMG_2742. Photo by Bruce Czopek

Snow Gnomes.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


Aspen. Photo by Bruce Czopek


Have a great weekend.


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