The Aloha Coffee Table

While stretched out on the couch the other night,  I noticed the heightened trompe l’oeil effect the ambient light and viewing angle gave to this painting leaning against the wall.  Had to take a happy snap.  BTW those are cheesey X-mas icicle  lights hanging under the  rusted red iron frame work.  The painting was one I did a few years back of the abandoned Aloha Theater in Hanapepe, Hawaii. It’s in the portfolio section of the header tags.


The Aloha Coffee Table.  Photo and painting by Bruce Czopek


Mele Kalikimaka!

Ha!  My good friend,  Aaron, who lives on Kauai, just let me know he saw this post.  He  really wanted to see the icicle lights lit up. He’s very good with photoshop so he worked up another version.  Have a look.


Lights On. Image by Bruce Czopek and Aaron Nakagawa.



5 thoughts on “The Aloha Coffee Table

    • Hey! Thank you! It great to be noticed……I am taking a bit of a computer break right now to give the eyes a rest. I will sort through the info towards the end of the week and get back in the saddle.

  1. Hi, Just to let you know I have really enjoyed this post. It didn’t initially hit me in regards to the tricks it plays on the whereabouts, but it has left lingering thoughts, which is really nice. Have a great new year. Adele

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