Mono Lake


No Black Friday here.  The best deal around was the weather, the Sierras Nevadas and Mono Lake.  All free.  My whole day cost gas money and a tuna sandwich.

Mono lake is about 2 1/2 hrs south of Reno on Highway 395.  It’s been there a long time. Around a million years. Hard to miss. It is land locked and  covers close to 65 square miles. It has an unmeasurable amount of brine shimp. And flies that like to feed on brine shrimp. And birds that like to eat both of them.   About 2 million birds a year stop by to scarf some yummy flies and shrimp, rest, make whoppee, nest  and migrate. Mono lake is a huge, huge deal in the avian world.

It is unique, somewhat other worldly, or maybe inner worldly made outer.  The  fantastical tufa formations are the result of  calcium rich spring water bubbling up from the the earth into the alkaline waters of the lake.

I got there a bit later than I wanted, the sun was low enough, but soon to be too high for good photo light.  Enough was just enough, however and an enjoyable photo session was had by all.


Mono Lake from a Highway 395  Vista Point.  Looking just about into the sun. Around 8:30 am


Tufa galore. You’ll just have to google “Mono Lake” to find out all about it.







It has been cold. The are ice crystals of water draining into the lake.


Yours truly. Another crusty formation. Photo by an unknown Chinese tourist. Really. There were three of them and they wondered why there were not thousands of people here, it was so beautiful. I told them “Black Friday” but they didn’t get it. We were the only ones at the lake.

There are a few more photos below if you desire. Just click on them or any of the photos to enlarge.


A little info for you. Click on it twice.




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