This time of year Fall photos are everywhere in the Universe of Blog. But with so many different landscapes why not?  Let the leaves fall where they may.

Here’s a few images from a Sunday hike above Washoe Valley.  Click on ’em to enlarge.

A calm pool amidst the aspen.


The wide angle lens attachment  left this image when completely extended. Kind of a surprise but kinda cool.  The Sierra Nevadas come down to meet the Great Basin of Nevada.  Slide Mt. and Mt. Rose in the distance.


The prior photo was facing north. Turning around you see the scars of a fire that occurred years ago.



The light tan area to the right of Hiway 395 is wetlands in the spring and summer. This time of year, before the winter moisture, Washoe Lake is at its lowest. You can see Little Washoe Lake at the top point of the wetland area. In the spring Little Washoe Lake and Big Washoe lake are connected by the wetlands. This valley is a major avian migration corridor.



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