Fishin’ the Truckee


And old power plant on the Truckee River, Farad, Ca.


Easy access right off Interstate 80 makes the fishermen happy.




The train tracks parallel the Truckee for many miles.


6 thoughts on “Fishin’ the Truckee

    • You are most welcome for the photos. Whenever I drive between Truckee and Reno, the river and the mountains and the railroad always feel to be a real part of the quintessential Western landscape. .

      By the way, your illustrations are most enjoyable. Nice work.

  1. Yes indeed, I thank you for giving me sweet memories of where my life went before arriving here. An I thank you for not messing with photoshop correcting too much the simple natural beauty of the world.

    • Good memories are like old friends, aren’t they? So glad you can enjoy the photos. It’s a good thing I am not too photo shop savvy or I’d probably shoot my artistic self in the foot. As it stands, I usually try to just knock back the highlights if they are a distraction and give things a bit more definition and contrast. But I don’t like messing with the color or saturation levels unless the image is really washed out.

    • You are welcome Bill. I live in Reno and commute up to Truckee and Lake Tahoe on occasional project and it is one of the best drives to work one could hope for. Unless it is heavily snowing that is. Thanks for stopping by. I like the format of your blog and how you broke your travels down to National Parks. Also it is cool to have three people contributing.

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