When Deer Can Read

Last night’s World Series, pizza and good company yielded a hot photo tip:  there have been hundreds of deer in the alfalfa fields in Washoe Valley.  To the locals, the alfalfa fields are a welcome landing patch of  luscious green amidst the  sagebrush, rocky tan earth and dry grasses that make up  much of our Nevada landscape. Not actually a landing field but a working ranch, winter always brings hungry mule deer down to visit its fields and entertain us humans.   So taking a page out of the ever inspirational Patrick Latter’s photo playbook, I got an early enough start to catch the early morning sunlight  as it was making its way over the surrounding hills.

I had to stop along the way to grab a shot of  the newly completed, massive Galena Creek Bridge on Highway 395 between Reno and Carson City.  Slide Mountain is in the background.

When deer can read.

An icicle laden field irrigation system sits behind our friends.

The deer have their choice of room temperature salad or iceberg lettuce.

Alfalfa fields, Washoe Valley, Nv. Photo by Bruce Czopek

 As always, click on a photo to enlarge it for  a nicer image.


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