End O’ Day Washoe Valley Style

I’ve been housesitting in Washoe Valley over the weekend. Here’s a few wrap-up photos using end of the day light.  No need to saturate the images in editing, the Nevada light this time of year is low and wonderful.

Washoe Valley photo by bruce czopek

Wahoe Valley Cottontail photo by bruce czopek

Washoe Valley Quail photo by bruce czopek

Washoe Valley hills photo by bruce czopek

photo by bruce czopek

ah, the neighbors

Washoe Lake photo by bruce czopek

View of Washoe Lake  from the end of the street.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



One thought on “End O’ Day Washoe Valley Style

  1. Hi. Love the bunny pix especially!! New wallpaper! Think I’ll put t least one of these on my Facebook page, with attribution to the artist, of course.People I know back east always comment on my locl pix on there.

    House is in one piece, animals calm. Can’t thank you enough. I partially paid you back by giving a homeless man $5.


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