A Quick Trip to Tucson

Okay, truth be told, this trip is made digitally possible via the archives.  Currently,  I am in work mode and so no fresh excursion photos are in the hopper whilst on the leash of economic necessity.

However, there was this trip to Tucson awhile back in March of some recent year which has some nice images to share.    I grew up in Southern Arizona and find the northern  Sonora desert to be a special and beautiful environment.  One that I will always hold dear.  On this particular visit I made it to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, camped at Cochise Stronghold (where I used to go hiking with my high school buddies), and took a drive around Douglas, Az.  infamous border town of  my childhood  days.

A historic church around the Fort Lowell area of Tucson.

Ocotillo,  cholla, and Saguaro Cactus

Full bloom. The sound of bees on this Spanish Bayonet cactus was deafening. Double click on the photo to visit the bees.

Unfortunately there was a glass partition between this seemingly content mountain lion and the camera. Probably a good thing. Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is an international destination. You can hear a lot of different languages amongst the many winter visitors. I can’t quite imagine this conversation though. Reader’s input welcome.

A Desert Museum meet and greet.

Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains, is about 90 miles east and a bit south of Tucson. It still holds power.

Cochise Stronghold

From a distance

Early morning within the Stronghold.

Lichen on a rock.

Saddlegap Mountain in the Sulphur Springs Valley of Southern Arizona. This is the view very close to my old childhood house. We lived on the east side of Douglas. Unfortunately, Douglas is now a serious and dangerous pathway for drug smuggling. Border Patrol vehicles dot the landscape like MP’s in a war zone. It is a sad affair.

The Mexican-American border separating Agua Prieta, Mexico and Douglas Arizona.

Still, there is beauty.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


p.s.  As always, you can click on a photo to enlarge and click again to zoom.  Or not.


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