Way Down Upon the Truckee River

It had been a full four hours since I finished the painting and still no calls from the SF MOMA.  Oh well.  Only slightly discouraged and not wanting to let the artistic grass grow beneath my feet, I grabbed my camera and enjoyed the 20 minute walk in the beautiful evening light down to the Truckee River.  Besides, I needed a walk to burn off the paint fumes from earlier today.

The Truckee as we learned last week, flows from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake.  During this impressive journey the river dons its city clothes and flows through downtown Reno.  The city of Reno did a nice job, making an enjoyable and user friendly river park.  People can take a dip in the river or kayak or hang out and watch the ducks, or listen to music concerts, take a nap or take pictures.  I chose pictures this evening.

Along Arlington Ave just prior to the river.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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