Forgetting #1

Finally, a new series of paintings is started.  After spending several years experimenting with the hyper realism style( as well as taking some time off from the canvas),  it felt the time was right to move back to abstracts.  I am hoping to explore the process of “forgetting”.  Why we forget, what we forget, how do we choose to forget, forgetting of the self, etc.  Could be interesting. Could be boring.  But hey- a painter’s gotta paint.  Here’s #1.  Of course I’m reserve the right to rework it as the series unfolds.  It’s always a challenge to take a concept and communicate it via abstract media.  Should be a good stretch.  It’ll give you guys a break from the backpacking photos, too.

It’s worth clicking on the photo to enlarge it and clicking again for a close up.  I chose to adhere cheesecloth over the canvas for another element of texture and movement, before beginning the painting. And yes, the photo is in focus.  It is the painting that is blurry.

Forgetting #1, 36″ x 48″, mixed media on canvas, 2012, Bruce Czopek


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