Signs and Trails

As the spring and summer packing seasons come to rest in various computer files, storage bins and fond memories, I thought it would be fun to go back through the photos and post  some of the trail signs and the trails themselves.

There is something about encountering a trail sign. They are  informative and challenging at a trailhead, satisfying at the pass, and offer welcome guidance at a junction.  It’s like having a friend in the wilderness encouraging you, helping you along and holding firm in support of your passion for hiking, backpacking and nature.

A photo of a trail, stretching out ahead of you is just plain evocative, a siren’s call.  Up, down or flat they hold promise, anticipation, and completion. Faint echoes of our ancient nomadic past,  buried beneath pavement and mortgage payments, come forward once again, loudly urging us to move on.

You who check in here from time to time will recognize a few of these photos.  Some haven’t been seen, and are part of my outdoor library of images.  There’s no particular order to them, their respective narrative working well as a singular statement. I hope you enjoy them (and don’t forget to click on a photo to enlarge it).

See you on the trail.


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