What Was Lost Is Now Found

They make amazing software nowadays.  The photos my camera so rudely deleted from the memory card during last week’s hike were able to be recovered.  Thanks be to the digital gods. I will leave a big bowl of chocolate computer chips and warm milk by the fireplace tonight.

So no more words.  Here are a few more photos from last week’s walkabout.  Please enjoy them.

Coming down Highway 108 over Sonora Pass looking at Leavitt Meadows. Tower Peak is in the far background. The West Walker River runs through the meadow. The trailhead is in the bottom left of the photo.

Not far from the trailhead. Tower Peak, approximately 20 miles away, was the original destination.

Pack train from Leavitt Meadows pack station. They are taking supplies to some campers and picking up others at Fremont Lake. Hence the two riderless but saddled horses at the end.

Grebes, I beliebe.

Afternoon arrival at Fremont Lake.

Wake up view next morning.

8:00 am departure from Fremont.

Tower Peak again on the way from Fremont to Cinko Lake via Chain of Lakes, Upper and Lower Long Lakes.

The Steri -pen’s ultraviolet light kills all bugs. Plenty of water along the way to not have to pack more than a quart.

Early afternoon arrival at Cinko Lake

Great light at the 9140 ft elevation.

5:30 am full moon over Cinko Lake

Hello says the sun, goodbye says the moon.

Early morning mirror.

And down the trail I went.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


P.S.  Please click on the photos for a larger experience and greater detail. It’s worth it!


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