The Check List

1) Finish first stage of Lodi job.

2) Clean house.

3) Pay first of month bills.

4) Get new front brakes and rotors on the trusty Wubaru.

5) Line up a little work for September and October.

6) Splurge on a bit of new backpacking gear.  A lighter load means happier knees.

7) Write an overdue LIP.

8) Wave goodbye to biz partner Bryan as he trundles off to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert.  Sixty thousand Burners oh boy.  Can’t wait to hear about his adventure.

9)  Go down 395 once again to the Hoover Wilderness and pack in to Tower Lake via Leavitt Meadows, Freemont Lake, Chain of Lakes, Cinko Lake and Piute Meadows.  Return via Kirkwood Creek Trail over to Buckeye Forks and down towards the familiar territory of Buckeye meadows to Buckeye Camp ground and hopefully some friendly people who will give me a ride back to my car at Leavitt Meadows  40 miles away.  Of course all this depends on those happy knees. We’ll see.  I’m happy to just set foot out there.

A few pics from Lodi with love: ( remember the mantle was originally painted white).

Le Finished Fireplace Mantle

Le closeup.


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