From the Ridiculous to the Sublime- Godzilla and the Getty

Highlights of my whirlwind biz trip to Los Angeles:

1) Meeting Godzilla right next to Elvis in the Reno Airport.  ( If it wasn’t so over the top cheesy and therefore good for a laugh, I would recommend that the City of Reno change its name to protect its innocent citizens from potential never-ending national embarrassment)

2) Butterscotch tapioca pudding.

3) The Getty Museum.  In particular ( por moire) was the architecture and the grounds and the incredible amount of feeling-consideration put into this grand esthetic accomplishment.

 Low points of my whirlwind biz trip to Los Angeles:

1)  The traffic……of course.  What ever you think it will take to get somewhere, tack on an hour.

2)  Indigestion from butterscotch tapioca pudding.

3)  Not having my own camera while at the Getty.  Had to settle for few snaps from BP Bryan’s  phone. (I am quite grateful for those, though.)   BP by the way = biz partner.

And you thought there was no culture in Nevada.

The main part of the gardens at the Getty.


We went down to research and talk over potentially designing and manufacturing a custom hand painted wall covering line. We’ll see.

We returned late last night on a surprisingly full flight.  It never ceases to amaze me that there are full flights to Reno.  I mean-  I know why I live here,  but why do all these people want to visit or live here?  It’s Reno.  It’s got Godzilla AND Elvis slot machines in the airport for Chrissake.   Perhaps next time I will do a survey of my fellow travellers and publish it in the New England Journal of Psychiatric Medicine.  Maybe entitle it  something like   “Habits of Irrational Thinking in the American West.”   Maybe.  I don’t want to step on anyones toes, you know.  Especially Godzillas.

Personally, one reason I would find it hard to leave here is the Sierra Nevada Mountains.   There is no need to wax eloquent about that as most of you already know my love affair with them.

And so like a dog that just has to shake off the clinging moisture of a fresh bath or a jump in the lake,  I need to shake off the the last few days psychic submersion into millions of people and cars, endless buildings, billboards, tailpipes and cellphones.  Guess where I am going.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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