How Did I Miss It?

Technology, photos, daily correspondence, business, and pleasure.  Compress that verbage into one word and you get…….computer. Right up there with the wheel.

I love screen savers.  Change ’em regularly to keep things fresh.  Pixel potato chips.

Tonight, while waiting for the water to boil for the angel hair, as  McCoy Tyner  (Mr. Brute Elegance in ivory) was pounding away in percussive fluidity,  I did a quick search for the new screen saver.  And here it is.  Funny how you run across something that you never remembered was there….. this is from the backpack trip at the first of the month.

The pine trees felt like a semi-circle of guardians.  Very special friends.  Arboreal wisdom and resolute perseverance incarnate, they are always willing to offer their blessing on those who take the time to sit with them.  The photo is early morning, after a simple breakfast was enjoyed and the camp broken down, just before taking off up trail.

I could wax more elegant, but the water is boiling.  Let them eat pesto.



5 thoughts on “How Did I Miss It?

  1. Bruce-O – just a note to let you know I’m really enjoying your return to regular postings. your water-boiling elegance is just right for this parliament of trees!

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