The Space Between

Miracle.  The word conjours  up great visual scenarios – a  lifelong crippled person suddenly walking, the spontaneous remission of a deadly illness, someone coming away from a fiery car crash without a scratch.

There is however, a miracle that goes unnoticed all the time.  The beauty is that one can be aware of it, but it is impossible to understand.  And by the time you are aware you are experiencing this miracle, it is gone.  Hidden once again in plain sight.  An open secret.

It is what goes on in the space between intention and the exact instant of the commencement of intended action.  Slip into this space and what appeared to be a seamless event is now a happening you can drive a truck through.  I am sure neurologists can offer practical explanations of what goes on, perhaps relegating all this to the moment it takes for countless neurons and synapses to fuel and fire whatever is going to bodily happen next.  But that doesn’t cut it.  It is a place of vastness where nothing happens yet there is a mystery of being.  Vastness passing in a fraction of a second yet going nowhere, forever holding the space for the spark of that mystery to explode once again into some aspect of movement, of incarnation.  It is a space that cannot be held onto, for that takes effort, which is an action, which is so far past intention and commencement it isn’t even funny.  Yet there it goes again, now and now and now.  Get acquainted with this and all solidity will be redefined.  Loosened beyond the capacity to be identified, the absence of conventional knowledge a refreshing breeze on a hot summer’s night.

Rather miraculous, I say.

“Let’s Get Dense” – 5′ x 7′, acrylics, by Bruce Czopek, 1998.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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