Trading Things In

As the week draws to a close, it seemed like a good idea to trade a few things in.  Change stuff around and move the energy in a different direction so…..

I’m trading in paint buckets for hiking boots.

Trading  climbing up and down a six foot ladder to climbing up to 9,600 ft.

Lunch at Zupa for a no stove weekend with ample but basic no cook fare.

Netflix and the new 1,000 page Neil Stephenson novel for a small hardbound book ( The Love-Ananda Gita), and a very ragged but still serviceable topo map.

My comfy bed for a not as comfy but pretty darn good sleeping pad (just add air).

My cozy, albeit spartan duplex for a one person tent.

The new guy gets a break.

This means I’m trading my one year old day pack for my 15 year old friend with more room and beefier suspension.

And all of this means I’m trading Reno and the Squaw Valley project for The Hoover Wilderness, Barney Lake and Crown Lake.  Yea!

I’ll switch things back later.

Have a great weekend everyone,



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