The Camels Are Coming! The Camels Are Coming!

You think I’m kidding, right?  Nope.  If you knew me at all,  you’d know I never kid around when it comes to camels.

Meet Sage and Phoenix:

Two year old Sage and Phoenix

Sage and Phoenix are Bactrian camels.  Loosely translated that means they are not from around here. They are however,  passing through here on a journey, traveling with their friend and caregiver,  Stuart Camps to their new home in New York.

Stuart wrote me  a few weeks ago and asked if I knew of any place they all could stay the night on the first day of their adventure ( Sometime in the first week of May).  My good friend, Susan Juetten has just the place in Washoe Valley- on the edge of BLM land, quiet and rustic, it is just what the Bactrian camel doctor ordered.  Susan, happily said yes to Sage and Phoenix as pasture guests for an evening, although she was disappointed they were not staying longer.  Anyone who knows Susan knows her love of nature and all beings. She helped played an instrumental part not that long ago in orchestrating thousands of acres of Nevada wilderness being set aside as true designated National Wilderness.

Camel motel. Just add camels.

Sage and Phoenix are part of a bigger picture of life and the Mystery of all this arising.  I will let you read through some of Stuarts writings and considerations in the following links.  It will give you some background to their journey.

And rest assured I will let you all know when they arrive in Washoe Valley.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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