The Escapist

Whoa!! --- Serious bardo action. There is a little bit of all of us in these guys.

Good evening, one and all.

Just finished watching a more than excellent movie, “The Escapist”.  I had read a good review of this last year or so, and had made a note to watch it- primarily because Damien Lewis was part of this challenging and transcendent accomplishment of genre movie making.  Yet although his role is chillingly  important, Brian Cox is truly superb, the anchor of the movie, and the supporting cast rises to meet his performance.

I will not rewrite any reviews here. But I will say it is worth your time to watch this till the end.  Great directing ( Rupert Wyatt), great ending, great editing and lighting. Damn…. great stuff. It is an intense movie for sure. But more so because of the acting and directing rather than simply the content. It is a classic prison break movie in one sense, yet it goes way beyond that. Excellent, excellent  storytelling.



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