I Believe in Mystery

Good evening all,

Many a moon has waxed and waned since words were last posted here.

Now  I reside in Reno Nv. It is not Kapaa, Kauaii. But that is not to say it is less than Kauaii, Hawaii.

Like Kauaii it arises in an infinite Mystery.

Succinctly put by Adi Da Samraj- ” It is a Mystery anything arises at all.”  And,  “What a wonderful Mystery the Mystery Is”.

I will leave you to ponder this  although there is  much to write about said Mystery.  One small mystery though  that suprises me,  is there are still people reading this LIP after not having any new posts here for over a year.  I ran out of things to say and so…..

I continue to find there isn’t much to say. Yet there is an impulse  to share with whoever may benignly partake- life’s beauty, pathos, humor and heartbreak.

Most likely there will be writings here about how Hawaii became Nevada. But for now let me say that Nevada is indeed not a wasteland. It is a vibrant, rarified, purifying place. That of course is to be found out in everyones respective circumstance.  This earthy high desert resides paradoxically close to the subtle realm. It scrubs the etheric while holding one’s feet  to the ground. It  balances and rejuvenates a being just as much as  swim in the ocean can.

Reno is at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It is for now, a good home base.

The Sierra Nevada range is the Range of Light. It inspires no mind. It simply stands before you, inviting you to feel. It is a most elegant, powerful pointer towards “What Is”.  A window pane to the Mystery, made of granite and water, grasses and trees. Made of ether and earth, dirt and heaven. Like you and me it is Radiant Conscious Light made dense.

Please enjoy a few photos from this corner of Infinity. You may click on a photo to enlarge it.

Buckeye Meadows, outside of Bridgeport, California. Three hours south of Reno on Hiway 395.

Little Washoe Lake. Washoe Valley, Nv.

Trail to Shower Lake. Kit Carson Pass area, California.

Shower Lake with Lake Tahoe in the background.

Shower Lake

Lundy Lake area, California

Blessings to All,



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