The Painted Bus and Other Art News

Sorry Folks,  it has been an MIA kinda time lately.  Dealing with some pinched nerve neck issues which makes for a creative and challenging period of world. I’ll spare you the verbage, but can say I sympathize with that bus.

Some art news for you—- in the center of the art world–New York- Adi Da Samraj had a very successful opening at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery. Haven’t seent any formal reviews yet, looking forward to that, but the words from people there had a very common theme…”  The gallery felt extremely Happy and Bright-high energy. The art was unique and the quality of the fabrication was extraordinary and cutting edge…. and happy.”  People were milling about inside and outside on the street and no one was ready to go home even after the scheduled hours for the show to close. Hopefully much buzz will be created. It was the opening of the gallery season in New York as well as the opening of Fashion Week, so such a good turnout was an auspicious beginning to this show.

New York opening for Adi Da Samraj

On a much more humble and closer to home note-  I submitted some paintings for the annual Kauai Society of Artists juried show. It’s a  respected annual show  here. The best one on the island. The juror, Neida Bangarter, is from Maui, and is a well thought of professional. There were  180 entries and she chose 50 for the show so it seems the bar was high which is good.  One exciting thing for the artists is that this show is the only one on Kauai that the acquisitions committee for the state of Hawaii  Art in Public Paces  program visits and buys several pieces for the States collection. So it is a good place to be seen.

Got a call today and my ” Salt Pond Country Store” was one of the 50 selected for the show. Of course it would be tremendous if the state wanted to add it to it’s artistic coffers but even if they don’t it is rewarding to make the cut.  The show opens on Sept.18th for six weeks. I’ll let you know if by some stroke of artistic luck “Salt Pond” will be staying behind with new owners. Glad the bus wasn’t entered, though. Talk about stealing the show. It would make one cool installation piece.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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