True Stories from Home Depot

start em youmg

In case you don’t know,  “August” in Hawaiian translates to something like “Just  where the hell did my desire to be creative and  communicative  go ?”  Besides the astrological cop-out of it being a month of planetary vibrational conflict and stress all across the zodiacal board and therefore a most excellent month to lie low- hey, sometimes it happens. all artists go thru this.

However, in the mood of simply waving hello from my Kaholalele Rd. foxhole, I would like to share this  humorous story Aaron related from his afternoons visit to Home Depot.

While he was there,  he saw this young boy throwing a class A temper tantrum, major leauge crying and yelling.  ( I guess the youngster didn’t hear that August was over and the planetary stress was waning).  The kid’s dad was laughing his keester off.  Aaron went on about his business, because maintenance and repair of the Sanctuary never sleeps. Indeed, we  fondly refer to Home Depot as the Outer Temple.  Meanwhile the young boy and his father have made it out to the parking lot where Aaron’s friend  was waiting  and witnessed  the same event – world class tantrum, laughing father. She was close enough to hear what the young guy was so torqued about.  In between the boy’s crying fits he was yelling….. ” I want…. I want…. I want…a CEILING FAN !!!”   Truly a contractor to be.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,      



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