How’s Your Bridge Building?

homage to Francis Bacon

True Confession -and no shocking revelation to those who know me-  I am not a neat and tidy kinda guy. I try.  Indeed, things have improved over the years and although I am non fully grown up yet,  a Sloppy Sagittarius  am I.

In case any of you out there were  wondering just who the heck Francis Bacon was, he was an Anglo-Irish painter who died in 1992. He painted raw, emotional figuratives. Strong stuff. And he was  the undisputed art king of mess. I mean the guy simply did not clean up his studio in his whole career. It was an archeological dig. Impressive actually. When something hit the floor,  it stayed there.  So although I am not in Mr. Bacon’s rarefied category, I thought a nod of the pallet would be appropriate in the caption to the progress photo from  the weekend.

Not much progress actually but hey it takes a while to build a bridge, shape and trim coconut trees, pot plants and seed clouds. What the heck did you do this weekend, huh? Anyhow, since it is late and it is a construction site I confess it isn’t that neat and tidy as I say hello and goodnight  and wish you all a good start to your week.


Thanks for taking some LIP from me,





3 thoughts on “How’s Your Bridge Building?

  1. Rob,

    Thanks for the GREAT photos!! I am humbled by how far I have to go to achieve true messhood. But there is still time. Wait till I start on the abstract series….that’s when the paint flies!.

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