In the wee small hours of the morning, when all distractions are fast asleep,  Mr Aaron Nakagawa is just getting into gear.  Musical phrasing,  recorded tracks and layovers, retakes and EQ tweaks, it seems the the art of mixing music is best done after midnight.

Recently, Aaron collaborated with Hanne  Skov,  a gifted Danish vocalist who had been spending time on Kauai, exploring the healing and creative energies of this Island.  There is a CD in production from those sessions, a unique one that will soon  be available to the benefit of your ears.

One of the songs on that collaboration, is “Kannon”,  a piece Aaron wrote  last year  and used in his video production of my artwork. It is a different song now, rounder and more full with Hanne’s added contribution and the  richly expressive clarinet of  Kauai resident and music professor,  Laine Griffith.  Hanne’s mature voice is full and complex, intuitive and  lithe,  penetrating and suddenly floating. A very good team.    Kannon is  beautiful, haunting music.

Aaron took the newly reworked “Kannon” and added a two of my  latest paintings so we could  offer everyone  a visual  as well as audio update.  I will let know you  when their CD,   “Twilight  Ti”,  has left  the After Midnight Production Studios and is on the shelf.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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