You Poor Devils!

Oh boy, I tried to play “Where’s Waldo ” with the last two posted photos of the Waters painting and realized  it was an impossible task I had challenged you poor readers to.

Since the photos were taken at different times day, the actual lighting greatly affects the quality of light and color. In other words,  you weren’t looking at the same basic photo by which to make a proper visual judgement.  Sorrrrrry!!!

But just for fun and to show you what I mean by fine tuning, here is a list of what I worked on Sunday.

–  Sharpened the lines on the Temple. Both the dome and the rest of the structure.

– Darkened the shading on the dome.

-Darkened the shadow lines under most of the architectural elements of the Dome Temple for better contrast

– Rounded some clouds so they weren’t overtly echoing the shape of the dome

-Darkened the blue of the sky that was peaking out of the palm trees

– darkened the shadows in the palm trees

– highlighted more of the lichen color in the trunks of the palms.

-deepened the shadows of the trees to the right of the temple

– brought forward the red flowers more in the trees on either side of the temple

– more orange in the window to the left of the temple

– more intense color, more orange, etc in the water reflection for more glow.

– straightened the lines on the fountain pipes

-floated some violets and blues into the sidewalk and added some grout lines to help ground the sidewalks more.

-darkened the face of the sidewalk from the pond  sidewalks to the walkway sidewalk

– flushed out the entry door, put a suggestion of a door handle, door sill an more shadow under the lights.

So if you got any of these changes, big or small,  you may thoroughly enjoy  your burrito. And if you didn’t, you may thoroughly enjoy your burrito.

please pass the salsa,



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