Onto the Next…. I Guess

"Waters of Conscious Light" 24 x 30; arylics; Temple Adi Da, Da Love Ananda Mahal Renunciate Sanctuary

The “Waters” painting is with the print master.  The giclee should be ready by weeks end.  Thanks to Bryan and Aaron for helping me see some things that were either escaping my awareness and others  I was ignoring and hoping no one would notice.   The sidewalks still received a tiny more work after this last photo so  this isn’t the absolute latest digital image, but plenty good. I must say though, the painting has a lot of mana in person.

It was an interesting time, painting a subject  that resides at Sacred Grounds which are set apart for contemplation, meditation, service and the reception of uninterrupted Blessing. Moving onto the next painting, a street scene in Kapaa feels like a casual conversation after finishing a heart deep discussion with an intimate.  I do have some other subject though I want to paint of the Sanctuary and will do so  after this next one. Or maybe not. If I can locate one from the archives I have in mind it my just alter the course of the artistic river.

But for now here’s a sketch of the proposed new one:  Looking from the inside  of the Small Town coffee shop onto the tables and across the street to a bridge that goes over the river by the ocean. Clouds have yet to be sketched in.

Ben drinks Jo

Lotsa positive comments over this current piece. Thank you all for taking the time to voice your support.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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