#10- Waters Of Conscious LIght

"Waters Of Conscious LIght"

There are four or five hours left on painting #10. Need to finesse, massage, sharpen lines, blur lines and be fussy. But hey it’s the weekend and so a good time to share the almost completed work with friends. It’s a tough painting to photograph so my apologies for a not quite on the money  representation.

This is a scene from the full moon evening of July 2009.  It was such an incredible,  brilliant moon that Guru Purnima evening.  Hopefully the last painting captured some of the Mystery of the Sanctuary  and this one lets you feel some of the Magic.  I didn’t doctor the physical aspect of the photo so it is extraordinary to look at the fountain waters at the end of the reflecting pool to see the Yantric symbols the crossing waters made.

Off to the printers on Monday with another thank you to Ritch who added  a giclee of this painting to his collection.

Have a great weekend,


P.S.  As always you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it.


5 thoughts on “#10- Waters Of Conscious LIght

  1. Nice form and color. Your composition could have been either totally symmetric or a bit more of to the left to make the piece better. It’s kind of in between right now. Otherwise good! =)

    • Thanks Key,

      That’s an interesting observation. I can play around with the photo to see how it feels. It might ground the piece as a gicilee a bit more. Normally I avoid dead centering something but was weighing out the effect of the houselights on the left in the composition and it didn’t occur me to me move the temple over slightly off center. Good eye…..Bruce

  2. beautiful painting man. can’t wait to see it in it’s final form. definitely want a giclee of this, after we offload a couple green properties next month to investors. it’s always inspiring to know there’s another artist in the sangha persistently crafting his vision every day. it’s a vision for life too, to be sure. mine at least…. 🙂 be well bro.

  3. haha. i just realized that your site is pulling my Twitter photo from Gravatar — which is actually a photo of the late poet Robert Creeley. one of my favorites, but i’m not that old and San Juan Islands looking… yet!

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