Hmm? ….. Hymm?…. Ha-a-a-a-a-a……Achoooo!! ….. Hmmm?

No,  I haven’t lost it.  I’m just parroting back to you what the parrots were saying to me this afternoon as major housecleaning occurred in their Aviary home at Da Love Ananda Mahal.

underneath the koa trees

There is nothing more entertaining for Pleasure Dome and Tilyou than seeing Bruce scrubbing the floor of their not so small house.  They almost have as much living space as I do,  so floor washing is no small task. I am sure they would do the same for me.. However,  since I don’t ask, they help out in their own way, coming  down  close to where I am working, making sure everything passes muster, providing the entertainment  with their vocal comments.  Tilyou finds even more pleasure using my back  for a landing field as he practices his touch and goes.

Several years ago, thanks to a generous donation from Chuck and Molly we were able to build an exceptionally nice enclosure for our Solomon Island Eclectus friends.  Pleasure Dome is the female.

Pleasure Dome inspecting her new home (2008)

She is about thirteen years old. Elegantly adorned in deep red and blues, she is aloof  much of the time, enjoys the company of ladies more than men, and  expresses her clear opinion of men by attempting to bite off their fingers. She allows me to feed her and provide basic M&R  (maintenance and repair) to her domain. But I indeed have  just missed losing  digits while readjusting water dishes and breaching her comfort zone.   Tilyou, her companion is a youngster.  He is about three years old now. A complete jock and goofball, he  doesn’t talk much when some one is around him for just a few minutes but has hilarious prolonged conversations with himself at other times and loves the company of those serving around his home. His feathers are an amazing bright green with red and blue underwings. Together they make quite the striking  couple.

Vern ( see photo in the last LIP ), our retired Boeing person, engineered and helped designed their enclosure. Aaron and I along with various others, also threw in our design ideas. And when Chuck and Molly threw in the bucks, we were off to the races.  Getting some help from another friend, Tempus for the foundational stages, we built the aviary on an existing cement pad. Then Vern and Aaron and I continued on with the project for quite a while until the grand opening when Pleasure Dome and Tilyou were handed the keys to their condo.

It is a design that harkens back to the bedrooms of the 1950’s with the his and her beds. The aviary is actually split in two, providing two separate but still roomy and long enclosures so the birds can enjoy flight exercise. The reason for that is the female eclectus is very aggressive to the point of doing serious damage to the poor males. So companions they are, cuddle bums they are not.  But they still take pleasure in hanging out close by one another, even if there is a substantial wire partition between them, helping Tilyou keep his beak on where it belongs.

One of my daily early morning responsibilities is making and giving them their breakfast.  Klik and Klak are also part of the Avian breakfast club. Every day. Everyday. Every single day…….Now, whenever I go away from the Sanctuary for any length of time I have to make breakfast for someone. Sometimes I feel like an extremely boring person. But the birds sure like seeing me. It’s not just food time for them,  it’s social time with a friend also. Even Pleasure Dome, who wants to keep her distance, comes over while I am on Tilyou’s side,watching with participatory interest while I am  getting things squared away  and  serve up the trays. They eat pretty good too. Passion fruit and carrots from the gardens. Sometimes they like  garden greens. Always edamames and seeds. Peanuts are a staple. Papayas or mangoes when we can get em and of course bananas.  Even  grains and bread on occasion. Ceylon tea, cinnamon toast, marmalade, bacon,  warmed croissants with  Gruyère cheese.


Well…..not exactly all of that but you get the idea. They could do worse.

Tilyou sums it up well. He flew over to the aviary door one time  as Vern and I stepped out  after  visiting. He looked at us  and clearly said, “Happy Bird!”.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


P.S.  a few more photes to click on, expand and enjoy


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