Why Not Waimea Canyon?

The Jungle Spirit who had my trifocals a couple of months past coughed ’em back up about two weeks after they had gone missing.  They showed up about twenty feet from where I lost them. This was of course after I had gone to the eye doctor for the prescription, and then to Cosco to order the actual glasses, leading me to think they were in some kind  of strange working relationship with one another.  Oh well, we can all testify to seeing strange beings in Cosco.

My new glasses weren’t working well with the computer, resulting in a variety of discomforts so I have backed off on writing much. However in a flash of rare, outside the box thinking, I dug out my jungle spirit reject specs and put them back on. Mo betta.  Much mo betta.  I’d rather have mid vision than an eagle eye at a distance. The end product is I can bother everyone with another LIP.

However, I did promise not to post countless progress photos of the latest painting. Suffice it to say, it is underway and will be a horserace to see if I can finish it by July 26th, the self imposed deadline. I sense a renewed late night friendship with the Earl of Grey.

It wouldn’t be the weekend though, without rubbing noses with the electronic pod, so why not dig out a few photos from the archives to share.? Some slightly overcast shots  from Waimea Canyon perhaps?  A special place on Kauai, an offshoot  from  Mt. Waialelale ,  it is often a challenge to get there before  the clouds come rolling  in to spoil that special view you just drove hours to see. Earlier is better but not always doable. And since most of you who are  reading this are on the other side of an ocean,  I doubt if you can make it to the Canyon by early afternoon tomorrow,  so hey- have look here.

You can save the sunblock for another time.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,


A little further up the road--redwoods and a picnic table


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