Hawaiian Graffiti

Only on Kauai……

Last year,  the county built a serious retaining wall on the S-curve below our Wailua Homesteads neighborhood.  Aaron and I  remarked on many a trip up and down the hill how miraculous it was that such a pristine graffiti canvas had gone untouched for so long.  We expected it to be tagged within a week after the last worker was gone.

Well,  finally it has been used for its secondary purpose in life.  Someone  anoited it with graffiti on it  a couple of weeks ago. The composition of the artwork, however, is a credit  to just how benign an environment we are blessed to live in here…….

Basquiat lives.

On a personal artwork note– one of the full moon paintings is underway. Long way to go as you can see but it is always good to bury the resistance to starting  a new project  under many layers of color……

Except for underneath the Dome, and the reflection on the surrounding tile decking, everything in the painting will be shades of a deep nighttime color. There are also some great clouds waiting to take their place. It’s amazing how much subtlety of color actually registers under a very full moon.

And finally, apologies in advance for not writing as I need to take time off from the  computer. My bargain basement trifocals from Costco work well enough overall but don’t mesh that great with the distance needed  in viewing the computer screen. The results being not so much fun  for my eye and cranial muscles. Since I’d rather save them for working on the painting, it is an easy choice and hopefully won’t  be necessary  for all that long. In the meantime,  I’ll be thinking of you.




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