Musical Origami-Sonnet For A Horse

In a flurry of activity last night and tonight, three paintings to be have been  sketched out,  setting the stage for the next several months of artwork. When done it will bring the Kauai Images series to eleven pieces. The new ones will be two paintings from Da Love Ananda Mahal Renunciate Sanctuary and one scene from the Old School Coffee House in Kapaa, home of the best mocha java on the island. The paintings of the Sanctuary will be challenging as they are nightime scenes, both full moon evenings from last year. The light and the composition are magical.   I promise though, no perfect ocean waves to catch the moonlight or erupting volcanoes for that dramatic Hawaianna touch.
My companion during those hours of drawing has been good music from Aaron Nakagawa- a newly produced CD of ten compositions entitled “Sonnet For A Horse” .  Aaron is the head priest here at Da Love Ananda Mahal, as well as a variety of practical functionary incarnations. As of late he has had his head in what looks like a hobbit survival bunker but is actually the pump house for the fountains in our reflecting pond. He, with some minor help from yours truly have been replacing pumps and pipes,  while bruising various body parts, in  what we shall politely say, is a contortionistic environment.  I will have to take a photo to show the world just how many pipes can perversely fit in space not much  larger than a big refrigerator.


Being of Japanese-Hawaiian descent, Mr. Nakagawa has a unique musical heritage- his grandfather played and taught the shamisen, a Japanese stringed instrument. His grandmother played the koto and danced in the Honolulu based Okinawan Dance Troop.

Throw in other influences of  Hawaiian slack key, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, and newer electronica, you have what can safely be termed, not your ordinary music.  But it is not a jumble of disjointed musical DNA, that leaves you scratching your head, wondering what was it you just heard. Befitting of his Japanese heritage, Aaron folds his various influences and talents into an elegant piece of musical origami. The music has a contemplative quality  without being  somnambulistic,  which is one of the reasons I greatly enjoy painting to it.  It has lively elements, engaging but not intrusive.The newer “tone poem” style electronica  might not seem be an organic part of the music on the surface  but it becomes clear it is  the creative broadening of artistic expression and indeed fits in. There are some older works in the CD that  easily flow  with the new.  With all of this being saturated by years of living  in Sacred places and steeped in his considerable engineering and mixing  skills,  the album is a pleasure to listen to and one you can listen to often.  Aaron Yoshio Nakagawa just set up a MySpace account where everyone can listen to the album for free, and download the music for a most reasonable cost. This is cool because  if he makes money he buys the pizza.  I happily  posted the link in the  Listen Here  department at the top  of the  LIP page. This is what you will find:

Sonnet For A Horse, Aaron Nakagawa

Here’s the link in case you would like to explore:

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.

Sweet dreams,



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