Go Listen

Annie Clark/St. Vincent:  http://video.pbs.org/video/1287561166/    Go  28 minutes and 9 seconds into the session.  She’s  a creative talent, easy on the eyes  and can completely shred a guitar.  Mr. Hendrix would stand up and applaud.    And on You Tube: Her cover of the Beatles’ “Dig A Pony” :

Somewhat older stuff, but when in production and  the Ipod goes on and on,  musical friends reintroduce themselves: “In Rainbows” by Radiohead. Unique, great melodies and a sophisticated touch. I’m sure many of you have heard it already but hey……

And Mr. Aaron Nakagawa recently  wrote and produced a 35 minute piece inspired by the Transcendental Realism paintings of Adi Da Samraj. A musical hand in glove fit with the incredible artwork and an excellent stand alone work. This is just a tease as  a link isn’t available yet for you to download  or listen to it but soon……

Speaking of painting: The reflecting pond on the Sanctuary received a much needed clean out, clean up and  concrete stain. Left a few brain cells on the table unfortunately,  but I had six or seven leftover from my long painting career  so there were some to spare……

Where did that last thought go?

You can’t believe how many toads we had to corral before we could start painting.  But now I am back working on the less mobile one on the lilypad in the “studio” corner of my bedroom. . He even stays still while I paint warts on him.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me.



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