On an artistic note, I am afraid the Odalisque series has had too restful an affect on me and it is hanging on a a lily pad now with Mr. Bufo.  In a fit of discipline I am giving myself a deadline of ten days to finish it. Mostly because of the  embarrassment that my website has not been updated for a while and feels neglected. Electronic cobwebs are such a downer.

The dragon fly painting unfortunately  is ka-put. It just wasn’t strong enough to fit into this  Kauai Images series well  as a stand alone painting.  And so rather than  invest more time into it, I simply placed  poor Dragonfly between the toad and the lizard and…….you can visualize the ending. This may be Hawaii but it isn’t utopia.

So in memoriam to our winged friend and as a way of refreshing  the color memory of my corner of the internet, here is a sum total of the Kauai Images Series to date. Once the Bufo is done I’ll photograph him and then update the website with new prices and exciting info, raffles, Hawaiian getaway giveaways, frequent flier miles for multiple purchases, etc.  I am holding off on T-shirts at this time, but I gotta admit, I would wear a Bufo t-shirt.  Bet I could send one to President Obama and he’d wear one too.  That guy could certainly use some humor right about now.

The Roxy Hula; 24 x 30; acrylics

Salt Pond; 18 x 24; acrylics

Canefield Church; 24 x 30; acrylics

The Aloha Theater; 18 x 24; acrylics

Quan Yin; 16 x 20; acrylics

It All Started Here; 18x24; acrylics

Odalisque #1- The LIzard; 16 x20; acrylics

" Finish me.... please"

Thanks everyone for all your support. I appreciate your emails and encouragement.   As always, click on the images to enlarge them for  more pleasurable viewing.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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