Odalisque News Roundup

Odalisque Series Progress Photo

As spring springs on, always green Kauai doesn’t necessarily get greener.  Everything just grows faster. So what appeared incredibly  trim and conscious on Saturday looks likes it has been blithely neglected for six weeks on Monday. Nature’s five o’ clock shadow.

Consequently, I have been spending more functional time  out in nature versus getting  much done on our above friends .  They are fun together and so in the spirit of web based  electronic relationship,  here is a progress photo for you.  All 16 x 20 inches by the way.  Odalisque # 1 The Lizard is done.  I thought it was done before till I showed it to a friend, who although has no formal training in the arts qualifies as one of the worlds fussiest people.  If they had a performance catagory for fussy  on American Idol, he’d be America’s choice hands down.  So when he took a look at the painting last week he was able to point out what had been bugging me but I couldn’t see as I had gone into snow blind mode.  After another round of color massaging and edge finessing and lizard detailing I am quite happy with it and grateful for his insightful feedback.  Odalisque # 2 The Toad is a about fifty percent done. Lots to do still but I could not help myself and jumped onto Odalisque #3  cause I just wasn’t into painting warts quite yet. The Dragonfly is about 75% done , its very simple content is  a nice foil to its more ornate series mates. And remember, viewers can interact with the LIP by clicking on the image for a larger image.

That’s it for the arts and culture  new today.  Now onto the weather…..

Showers today, possibly lasting all day. The temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees under rainy skies. No snow in the forecast, hah hah…..And this just in from the farm and agriculture desk…

Local eyewitnesses report  everything is growing as fast as the national deficit with  every blade of  grass and  all foliage reporting  record growth and for all accounts, looking like, a jungle….. It is recommended to stay indoors during this wet weather and save your strength till Monday cuz you know what you will be doing.

May your weekend be creative.

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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