Elephants and Jeff Beck

What do elephants and Jeff Beck have in common?

Not a heckuva lot.  Just the fact they are in the same sentence at this very moment  and they are on the  things to explore  list in case you are searching for something to stir into your weekend recipe.

If you like elephants, “Modoc” is right up your alley. The cover photo is worth the price of the book itself. The true story reads like a movie,  is charming in a simple way and is an easy read. Not the most sophisticated writing- you can tell that Ralph Helfer, who wrote the book is foremost an animal trainer and secondarily realizing a desire to be an author. Still for those of us who love and spend time with our non-human friends, it is a pleasurable book to read and pass along. So I guess if you wait long enough you’ll get a copy in the mail as I’ll be done with mine  shortly.

Jeff Beck has a new album out- “Emotion and Commotion”.  You wouldn’t think that Beck with a symphony orchestra playing “Over the Rainbow” and “Nessun Dorma” would mesh but man, does he pull it off. His guitar has that distinctive voice and he excels at coaxing everything out of it.   The songs are mixed, as the title alludes to, so you have some seriously   vigourous R and B to go with the silkier, floating offerings. Not a long album, but a darn good one.

And as long as I am sounding like I know things……whilst working on an incredibly repetitive task the other day, I was about to play Jeff Beck on the trusty Ipod but over shot  and landed on John Coltrane’s ” A Love Supreme”.  Hadn’t heard that album in quite a long time and it was an auditory delight  to visit the church of John C. again. No other sax sounds likes his. McCoy Tyner’s piano work is equal to the task also. Just superb. Re-visit it if you have the chance. By the way, if you dont know about NPR’s “First Listen” and “Tiny Desk Concerts”, they are two great ongoing features on their web site that brings a variety of new music to your ears free of charge.  Good music archive too.

Have a safe weekend.

thanks for taking some LIP from me,



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