Transcendental Realism

No way I am going to sit here at my little keyboard and tackle the explanation of Transcendental Realism to the thousands  (okay, we’re in the twenty to thirties now- go team! ) who eagerly await this LIP on a regular basis.  Much better for you to take it all in  via the web link and good stuff you will find at Da Plastique.

Let me simply say, everything vibrates.  Absolutely everything is  a cocktail of atoms and molecules, charges and reactions, orbits and magnetic dances done to the most subtle imperceptible degrees of manifestation.

Art is incredible.  No verbal or written language necessary, please.  Here is an image, drink it in, feel it.  Perhaps it moves you, maybe it doesn’t. In a week the same image that didn’t affect you pops up in your consciousness and you suddenly “get” something about it.

Adi Da Samraj, prior to dropping the body in November of 2008, was creating monumental art.  By that, I mean art that won’t you let shrink it down to something the mind contains.  By its content and sheer size alone, you are brought into the room with it. It becomes the room and you participate in it like walking into a charged atmosphere.  It participates with you. What is imparted to you from that encounter is all part of the wonder of the vibrational existence we are and the mystery of transmission.

Adi Da had  very successful exhibits in Italy in 2007.  One in particular was at the Venice Biennale.  The beauty of this venue was the control the artist and curator were able to exercise in presenting the art so that the venue itself was part of the art.  Not the same as installation art, but the opportunity that the creation of a space allowed you, for the time you were in it, to drop out of the sidewalk world you just entered from.  Many people, when leaving the exhibit, had a similar comment….” I don’t know why, I just feel happy after viewing this art”.  Art, in all its modalities does indeed transmit.  It is intentionally made to represent vibratory nature.

There will be a show of new works of Adi Da Samraj in New York in September of this year.  Alas, I don’t have the funds to make such a journey to the wilds of New York, but some of you might.  If you can, I’d encourage it.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the announcement for the upcoming show. Absolutely click on the images and the info below to enlarge it for much better viewing.

If you care to explore further:  or

Thanks for taking some LIP from me,



One thought on “Transcendental Realism

  1. Succinct writing there, Bruce-O! Amazing how it’s possible to recognize Adi Da’s *hand* in his creations. The two larger figures in the lower left especially echo his handwriting.

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